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Send your interns to Chattanooga for a weekend retreat in January!  We want these leaders to be encouraged and equipped for their second semester/quarter and for whatever comes next.  For the past ten years, full-time, college ministry interns from around the nation have joined us in middle of their internship year to share stories, learn from past interns, rest, play, and develop friendships with other leaders.  We would love for you to be a part of our next gathering.

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Who can attend?

Any full-time interns working with Christian college ministries may apply.

who are the hosts?

The Ascent Intern Retreat is hosted by the leadership of The House, a university ministry in Chattanooga, TN.  Our partnership with other college ministries around the nation over the last 20 years has revealed the importance of investing in young ministry leaders mid-way through their internships.  

what will we be doing?

Our time together will be focused on encouragement, equipping for pastoral work, and renewing a sense of excitement in order that we finish the school year strong.  You can expect to know other interns, be known, and know Jesus more... and we will do this through a lot of time together sharing, some teaching, meals together, rest, and an adventure or two in the town of Chattanooga, TN.

Who else is attending?

Spots are open to any full-time interns of Christian college ministries but we limit the attendance to 20 interns per year.  We believe it is vitally important to limit the size of this retreat so we can spoil our interns and create an atmosphere of intimacy to better foster community formation, discernment, and encouragement.

why should i attend the ascent intern retreat?

So you can be renewed and refreshed in your enthusiasm for college ministry, be better equipped for pastoral work, and spend time in discernment about next steps after the internship is over.  This will also be a great opportunity to develop a network of friends who are doing college ministry around the nation.


If you get to town, we will cover the rest of the retreat for just $75.  The cost for our time together has been supplemented by a grant from The Lilly Endowment.  **We'd be happy to help you negotiate carpool or other transportation options.

how do i get there?

Once we receive your application, you will be contacted with information regarding packing lists, what time to show up in Chattanooga.  We suggest flying into Chattanooga, Atlanta, or Nashville.  If you fly into Atlanta or Nashville, there are a number of buses you can get to Chattanooga (Megabus, Groome, Greyhound).  If you fly in a day early so your interns can explore a new city, we can help find housing if you desire.  Once you make it to Chattanooga, we will coordinate all transportation.

what do past attendees have to say about this retreat?

"It comes at a perfect time of year where encouragement is needed to finish the second half strong."

"I left feeling celebrated and excited to finish the year strong!  You won't regret taking a risk and going on this trip."

"I genuinely felt taken care of known through the Ascent Intern Retreat, one of the best retreats I've ever been on."

"The content and community shared at the Ascent Intern Retreat really gave me the tools I needed to think about vocation and self-care in a healthy way."

"I came back to work refreshed, revived, and ready for another semester."