Reflecting on Spring Break Missions

“The New York mission trip was an experience I will never forget. This was my first mission trip and I could not have gone with a better team. I learned the art of patience and how to deal with different problems in positive ways.

I also learned that homeless people are not people you should be afraid of or ignore. These people have been living on the streets and are having a rough time. I learned that if you treat them with respect and dignity, it can make their day just a little bit better which was the goal of the mission trip. I was glad that I went on this trip because before, I was hesitant around homeless people and did not know how to act around them, but I learned that they are just like you and me.

This mission trip not only changed how I feel about homeless people, but also how I feel about Jesus. Before joining The House team in NYC, I didn’t really feel like I had a testimony or a story of how Christ had worked in my life, now I know that I do.”

-Andrew White, Freshman

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-Anna Johns, Development Officer

Spring Break in Ecuador

We took a team of (primarily) upper classmen and grad students to serve with For His Children Orphanages in Ecuador. Through working with the orphanage and the time spent with one another, all of our students were able to come back having grown closer to Jesus and one another. An overwhelming sense of connectedness and community truly characterized this trip. We were able to see a lot of growth through all of our students - but particularly the men - who were able to better understand God’s tenderness towards us through caring for young children.


Resident Interns for Next School Year - We have hired 4 new Resident Interns for next school year, and we are so excited to introduce you to them!

Student Interns- We have hired an incredible team of individuals that will help us further the mission and vision of discipleship for this ministry.

Pancake Breakfast - We held our biannual Pancake Breakfast at midnight to kick off finals week and study hours! It is such a sweet time for our students to work, serve, and celebrate together.

House Parties - A House Party is one of the primary ways you can leverage your influence to benefit The House.  Hosts invite guests and some senior leadership of The House to an informal gathering in their home for an evening of food and drink, friends, and an opportunity for people to become familiar with and support the ministry of The House. You can find more information here.