Our new staff is hired and ready to start at the end of July and we couldn’t be more excited! These recent college graduates give a year of their lives to serve with us are the bread and butter of how we execute our mission.  And we need your help to bring them on staff!! Each year our full-time resident interns need HOST FAMILIES. Host families connect these young leaders with the local church and make it possible for us to afford to hire four of them.

Check out a little bio on each of our new Resident Interns and connect us with someone who might be a good candidate for a Host Family (maybe thats’s you!).


Emily White

Emily is recent House grad. She’s excited to work for The House because she feels as though the Lord is gearing Chattanooga up for something incredible, and that The House will play a role in said work this coming year. Through making disciples, allowing students to be known and know Jesus, and constantly refining teams and operations- she’s excited to see the Lord move. Plus, Emily said, “The House is an incredible ministry and I am excited to be a part of the continuation, it is quite an honor, actually.”

Some things you may want to know about Emily are: she loves deep conversations over a good glass of red, is forever encouraging others, and is so full of joy!


Tucker Cain

Tucker will be joining us from Bryan College. He’s excited to work for The House because he has seen first hand the kind of people this ministry produces. They are people who love Jesus and love others so much that they cannot help but tell others about Him and serve them as He would. He’s said he sees God working mightily here, and that he wanted to be a part of that.

Some interesting things about Tucker: He was once bit by a fish, and he’s moved 8 times in his life.


Logan Sheetz

Logan recently graduated from Liberty University with her Masters in Communication Studies. “About a year or so ago I began to feel the Lord steer me in the direction of college ministry - opening my eyes and softening my heart to the need for college-aged students to be engaged and refreshed with gospel as they walk in such a transitional and crucial season of life. The House exists ‘to bring college students to a deeper knowledge and love of Jesus Christ,’ and that’s a mission I want to be deeply involved in.”

Some things you may like to know about Logan are: She grew up in Roanoke, Va., so she isn’t familiar with much outside of the mountains. She’s a self-proclaimed goofball who has a love and passion for critical thinking and theological conversation. If you like to talk theology at 9 am over a cup of coffee or if you're down to dance in public, she’s probably your girl.


Trent Sims

Trent is also a recent House grad and UTC alumnus. Trent is excited to work for The House because he’s seen the immaculate fruit that this ministry has to offer firsthand, and is ecstatic to devote another year serving the Lord alongside The House staff, welcoming students into our home, The House. Woowooo!!

Trent loves a broad range of things/activities including music (I play a couple stringed instruments), film, fitness, biking, hiking, rollerblading, cooking, reading, drawing, and watching cartoons.

Hosting AN INTERN is great for a family (or individual) to grow in their own discipleship to Christ, it’s a great way to personally raise up a young leader in the Church and bless the discipleship ministry of The House, and usually only costs about $150/m in increased expenses. If you are interested in hosting an intern or would like more information, please contact