House parties are hosted all over our city throughout the year as benefit events for The House.  Participating in these are a great way for you to support the ministry.

how a house party works

The Host

A friend of The House decides to host a House Party.

The Party

What this means entirely depends on the Host, but most House Parties will be a gathering at the Host's home around good food and friends.  Some of our Hosts may want to throw Game Nights or Whiskey Tasting parties instead of dinners or cookouts.  It's entirely up to the Host.  But these parties will always fit the community and culture of the Host and their friends.  And college students of The House will provide free babysitting at a central location for the evening.

The Benefit to The House

During the evening, the Host will briefly share why they support The House and invite their guests to doing the same.  If they haven't already, guests are encouraged to donate to The House the amount they would typically spend on a night out.   This gives the Host the opportunity to share this work in our city which means so much to them, it exposes the ministry of The House to a broader network in our city, and diversifies and increases its donor base.

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